10 Facts About Public WI-FI You Should Know

Everything we do online is becoming more and more user friendly, allowing people with a malicious intent to take advantage of others. Online safety should be taken seriously, as it may save you from having to spend months attempting to clear up your name due to identity theft. Today we will talk about 10 facts about public Wi-Fi […]

Is Video Conferencing System Vulnerable to Hackers?

Video conferencing is the method of a video conference using a set of telecommunication technologies and allow two or more locations to communicate among themselves by simultaneous two-way video as well as audio transmissions. Video conferencing is a type of groupware and is also known as visual collaboration. Video conferencing is different from videophone calls […]

5 Simple Steps for Securing Your USB Flash Drive

So, why would you be interested in protecting the files that you have in your USB flash drive when you can hide it together with your personal belongings? As a person who relies in this small storage in keeping his or her files, you have to understand that stealing virtual information is now one of […]

Top Security Tips for Web Designers

The web designers often differentiate themselves in various ways to defy the competition. They showcase their skills and ability to design incredible sites to work out complex kind of features or add gorgeous designs and aesthetic stuff over their site designs. However, just limited amount of designers fail to add the elements of security in […]

5 Secrets Browsers Have that Might Compromise Your Computer

Does your browser seem to have a life on its own? Browsers are software applications that come with all operating systems. So you can’t really escape it. But why escape browsers when they can do you a lot of good? They’re the only application that allows you to access the internet after all. With all […]

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