Using Spreadsheets for Blogging

Why in heaven’s name would anyone be using spreadsheets for blogging? For many of the fledgling bloggers out there – and even some professionals who are working as writers for company blogs – the idea of applying something so boring to creative tasks can be a turn off. But the thing is, spreadsheets may actually […]

Could You Quit Your Job NOW and Blog Full Time?

Let’s say that you’ve started a blog and that you’ve found a fairly strong audience for yourself. Meanwhile, you feel like your office career is going nowhere in particular and that your immediate superior is as close to abusive as he can get without toeing the line. You probably would start thinking that you’d be better off quitting your […]

Should You Turn Your Blog into a Book?

If you’re looking into using your blog to make money or promote yourself professionally, then you’ve probably heard that one of the things you need to do is to make a book out of your blog. In theory, this is a very good idea – it gives potential audience members a means of checking out […]

Are You Sure Social Media Is Helping Your Blog?

For many of the people who want to make money or at least build a reputation through their blogs, social media is basically like something sent from heaven. Why? It’s because it makes promoting their blog much easier than it has ever been before! Way back in the day, bloggers need to work extra hard […]

3 Content Curation Tools Every Blogger Should Try

Let’s face it – if you’re a blogger and you’re not engaging in content curation right now, then you’re in big trouble. These days, most especially, you need to be able to effectively curate the articles, videos, images, and the like that are relevant to your blog if you want to continue giving value to […]

The Best SEO Moves for Your Blog in 2013

So the last month of last year and the first month of this year inspired several articles discussing improvements you can make in 2013 – the most interesting of which focus on using SEO for your blog. It really doesn’t matter why there were so many folks talking about it (though it was clearly in response to […]

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