How Important Is Submitting a Sitemap to Google

It’s proven time and time again that the Big G owns half of the search engine pie so it make sense that when you’re building a new site to do everything you can to keep Google happy. But most site owners and webmasters pay little attention on the site’s architecture. They fail to build a simplified Sitemap that makes sense to Google and to human visitors. I’ve put together some information that will give you the basics of a sitemap and how search engines make use of it to understand your website’s service landscape and content and how it all fits together.

How To Run A Good Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most effective marketing campaigns that can be executed on the internet. If done correctly, email marketing costs next to nothing to undertake in comparison to the usual rate of return. This is partly why it is so popular. However, many people make mistakes […]

Link Wheel – SEO Strategy

I’m not talking about the “famous wheel game, or play on the bubble that is supposed to make you rich, the wheel (link wheel) to which I refer is one of the sites, and the benefits are better in indexing engines search. There are many ways to go in search engines (SEO), many of whom […]

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