Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Card Technology

You are probably already enjoying the luxuries offered by smart card technology without even realizing it… Have you ever lived in an apartment that used reloadable cards for their laundry room instead of change? Or maybe you have a membership card to your favorite retail store? You can thank smart card technology for that… For […]

The Apple iPhone 8, What To Expect And When

Apple has been one of the best OEMs in the market with top Operating System along with specs under the hood to boast of a more premium feature smartphones. The tech company which is also an app development company has been found to be responsible for one of the greatest and smartest Artificial Intelligence Assistants, […]

Android Pay and PayPal Join Hands – Users on the Winning End

In the quest to make our transactions increasingly convenient, Android introduced its mobile wallet Android Pay in 2016. While it was greatly appreciated by users and saw size-able adoption from the start, one issue remained. A lot of users felt that Android Pay doesn’t support enough banks and cards. Offering an effective solution to that […]

How to Choose a Power bank and their Most Useful Types

If you don’t already own a power bank then you should really consider purchasing one and that’s because they’re a portable charger. For the most part, many of us are accustomed to using USB wall chargers and it makes sense as they have many USB charging ports and powerful charging; but it can be frustrating […]

Reduce cyber threats with Visualizing Attack Surface

In the current scenario, cyber threats are the biggest issue to be focused on enhancing our business process. Preventing the threats is the best way to get rid of cyber attacks. Identifying the high-risk area in the enterprise solves the major issue related to cyber crimes. Due to the evolution of technology, hacking became an […]

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