Are you penalized by Google?

Often, when working in the SEO of websites, webmasters are going too far and end up being penalized by Google. However do not receive any message from Google saying that the site was penalized, much less what were the reasons for that. Each webmaster realize that it was penalized, find out the reasons and correct […]

Winner : Free Domain Giveaway

I know you all are waiting for the winner announcement. So, here i am going to Announce Winner of free domain. This was our second giveaway. we have planned to conduct more giveaways. so you can subscribe to our RSS Feeds to get quick updates about these contests and participate easily. Some of the participants […]

Protect Blog From Spam

The platform WordPress is widely used on the Internet, and therefore it is important to learn about the techniques of SEO that can be applied and also how to avoid some problems such as spam. Spam Spam is a problem, and is disseminated through email, blogs and websites, making the user lose interest in visiting […]

15+ WordPress Plugins To View Your Blog Stats

When we learn to create a blog , one of the most important factors to take is to achieve success is knowing the type of users who read it regularly, those who visit it, because these reasons users come to your blog, where they found your blog, and also where they go after coming to […]

How To Protect Images Online

There are many tricks designed to prevent copying of  images from website, but none is sufficient to prevent someone from copying them. Protected by more than one image may seem, there is always a security question mark! Most can prevent copying using disabling right-hand mouse, but does not prevent a printscreen also, the user can […]

Mistakes To Avoid, As An Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money from home, and membership programs provided to anyone with Internet access, where the chance of winning can last a lifetime. The affiliate programs are usually free or very inexpensive to join and easy to get, usually with the regular fees that more and more […]

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