Things to consider while designing a responsive template

So, we have enough of this responsive design. For the last 3 years or so, we have been discussing about it and have seen how this design trend has transcended itself and expand its territory drastically. Responsive design is no longer restricted to few who have gone against the traditions of that time and advocated […]

Why You Should get Your Website Usability Analysis Today

Website usability is exactly what it seems. It is whether or not your website is easy to use, and it is often a significant indicator of its overall success. Understanding those who will be using your website, and making sure that everything they are looking for can be located easily and quickly. How do you […]

Give Your Site a Makeover By PHP Web Development!

HTML is a good technology but it has it’s limitations and thus it is hard to incorporate all the top features using just HTML during Web Development. Thus during web development in India or any other country for that matter it is often seen that PHP is utilized. In fact HTML web sites are limited […]

The Web Typography Essentials

There is a great difference between a good page and a perfect page. The two may be having the same content, with the difference in appeal that plays an important role. Here, there are a few basics considered which have a deep impact on turning the page creative and attractive, with more traffic attracted to […]

Responsive Web Design Trends in 2013: An Overview

The field of web design is a source of endless features and innovation. As the more and more people are going for wireless technology, the urge for an improved mobile internet is the concern among the webmasters. Considering this variable change, Responsive Website Design is going to be the next big challenge for the website […]

Best 10 Tips for Designing e-Commerce Website

With emergence of internet, we are living in such kind era where everything can be purchase or sell out online. However, in the same context e-commerce website has been developed to promote online shopping which incorporates entire solution, flexibility and ease of shopping to perform through the comfort of living room. It is possible that […]

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