10 Important HTML5 Frameworks

A framework of HTML 5 guarantees validity of the coding, without much complex coding that may prone to more errors. Additional effects with JQuery scripts as well as CSS3 styles would enhance the entire functionality of the resultant layouts. The HTML framework speeds up the development process of web development without need of hand-written code. […]

Programming Languages Used in Web Development

Websites are similar to desktop applications in terms of usage of programming languages. Websites that only require a simple online presence are built using HTML which is a markup language and such sites are not dynamic. HTML is the basic language of the website however if one requires a dynamic website the kind that uses […]

4 Important Elements of Web Design in Online Marketing

The practices of web design focus on the appearance and functionality of a particular online website of resource. Whilst non-commercial individuals and organisations have the freedom to convey their online presence in whichever way they choose, businesses that operate an e-commerce service not only have the obligation of looking after their customers, but they must […]

Top Seven Benefits of having a Business Website in PHP

PHP is the most commonly used programming language for developing various types of websites. It is also preferred by most of the businesses and organizations around the globe. So let us know about some benefits that PHP offers as a web development language for the business world. It is an age of internet. Today it […]

Role of Typography When Designing a Website

When you are designing a website, you basically have to catch the reader’s and the visitor’s attention in a single blow. You might be able to give them a reason to scroll through your website by giving stylized templates and media files, but it is crucial that you also give them eye popping text to […]

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