Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration Tips

After a long support for over 13 years, Microsoft has officially declared to withdraw support for Windows XP, which is effective from 8th April 2014. Alike other users globally, you may also favor using an XP supported system, but due to support ending by Microsoft it is the time to either migrate to Windows 7 or […]

Common Mistakes to be avoided during Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a term assigned to a process of generating high-quality content which highlights your product and increases awareness related to your site through other channels. Any business that starts up a web branding campaign and wants to be known across a large customer base needs to understand the value of content marketing thoroughly. […]

Tips for Managing and Monitoring your Online Reputation

The parents of teenagers often find tough time ahead while dealing with their sons and daughters of this age group. Unlike a number of parents, if you are a teenager mother or father it’s time to teach them certain lessons of dealing with managing and monitoring their online reputations. The teenage is the time when […]

How to Manage Your Company Online Reputation

People performing online business need to be very careful about the reputation of their business on the internet since while you are on the internet, your business is public, people who you never ever have known come up with various reviews, suggestions and feedbacks that might not be favorable for your business. Protecting your company’s […]

Why You Should Consider Playing Mobile Games on a PC

Mobile games on PC? You’d probably react with this question upon hearing someone say that you should try playing mobile games on a PC. But of course! You are playing mobile game because of the many advantages of  the mobile platform. So why should you go back to your desktop and play that game you […]

The 7 Habits That’ll Make You a Rockstar Pro Gamer!

So you want to be a professional gamer huh? If you answered yes, then you’re definitely in the right place! The thing is, simply enjoying the game and “wanting” to become a professional gamer won’t take you a long way if you want to TRULY become a pro gamer. There are habits that you need to […]

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