Why Every Business Needs Dedicated WordPress Hosting

When deciding what sort of hosting your business website needs, consider the difference between a dedicated and a shared server. A dedicated server hosts your site and nothing more. No one else gets in. A shared server hosts a number of websites, not necessarily thematically related. Just like sharing an apartment means a smaller rent […]

How to Use Your Business Blog to Get More Clients

If your business has its own blog, you have in your grasp a means of attracting more customers without a major financial outlay. You can be sure that your competitors are doing it, so what are you waiting for? Here’s how you can use your blog to increase your customer base. Photo Credit: photopin Are […]

Curating Content to Improve Your Online Reputation

Just in case you believe that the Internet culture still doesn’t have enough buzz phrases floating around, here’s a new one: content curator. Remember it well, because it can be a key element in improving your business reputation. Photo Credit: Photos.com What Is A Content Curator? The definition of a content curator depends on how you […]

8 Simple Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic

No one likes talking to an empty room. It’s discouraging, lonely, and let’s face it, you look silly doing it. By the same token, it’s depressing writing a blog that few people, if anyone, bother to look at. You need eyeballs. You need page views. What’s more, you need them to keep coming back. Here […]

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