So, why would you be interested in protecting the files that you have in your USB flash drive when you can hide it together with your personal belongings? As a person who relies in this small storage in keeping his or her files, you have to understand that stealing virtual information is now one of […]

The web designers often differentiate themselves in various ways to defy the competition. They showcase their skills and ability to design incredible sites to work out complex kind of features or add gorgeous designs and aesthetic stuff over their site designs. However, just limited amount of designers fail to add the elements of security in […]

Does your browser seem to have a life on its own? Browsers are software applications that come with all operating systems. So you can’t really escape it. But why escape browsers when they can do you a lot of good? They’re the only application that allows you to access the internet after all. With all […]

You may have encountered a so called virus that converts a folder into shortcut in pen drive or SD card. I always meet them when I use my one and only HP 8 GB pen drive in my college computer, which I don’t want but still have to..  It was distorted by the virus and […]

A remote desktop service is a system whereby a person is able to connect to and use a specific computer from a remote location as if they were sitting in front of it at the time. The most common example is that of accessing your office computer from the PC or laptop at home, enabling […]

Businesses are highly interested in enterprise mobile applications because of their cost benefits and their ability to increase productivity. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is one of the most debated concepts in the business world currently. A good number of companies have already embraced BYOD to their advantage. However, implementing BYOD should be done cautiously […]

DDoS, which is short for Distributed Denial of Services is a very common attack that can leave your system damaged for good. It usually occurs when a Trojan responsible for harming a series of systems aims at an individual system, resulting in the system being damaged indefinitely. This can occur especially when you offer hosting […]

We gradually moved into the world of smartphones and tablets and we have no idea on how to keep them secure and safe. Most of us knew few not-to-do things with our smartphones like online banking and transactions. Beyond that no one has any idea or knows any practical ways to keep their gadgets safe from […]

Shopping on eCommerce stores are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. If industry experts and market research are to be believed, business on eCommerce stores will see exponential rise with every passing year. If US consumers are now spending $1,200 – $1,300 per year on shopping online, it will only double by […]

If you’re not a techie, you must get confused and/or scared by all the internet and PC security jargon being thrown at you all the time by online blogs and newspapers. This article tries to present a digest overview of what you, as an end user without any background in IT education, need to know. […]